About Chesterton Academy

Our Purpose

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Chesterton Academy was inspired from a desire to provide the very best for our children: an enriching classical education, in an authentic Catholic environment. We provide a school that is academically rigorous, morally serious and joyfully Catholic.

Catholicism is central to our mission:

- Every school day begins with Mass
- Theology is taught using the Bible, the Catechism and papal documents.
- Each year, we attend the March for Life and host two in-school retreats.

- We offer wholesome extracurricular activities as well as select sports.
- We surround our students with the beauty of the faith through art, sacramentals and crucifixes in every classroom.
- Every other year, our students take a pilgrimage to Rome, Italy.
- Our teachers and Staff take a public oath of fidelity to the Magisterium.
- We are ardently and unashamedly pro-life in all manifestations of that creed.
- The Academy offers and authentic, energetic Catholic environment; we give our students the freedom to learn without the distractions of our twenty-first century, secular culture.

We opened in 2014 with 25 students, and have continued to grow steadily due to our integrated, classical curriculum; all taught through the lens of the Catholic Church. It’s an exciting time at Chesterton Academy as we serve an increasing number of students and families across Western New York. This year, we have our largest Freshmen class ever!