Algebra 9 & Biology 9

For 8th Grade Homeschoolers

Chesterton Academy of Buffalo is offering 8th grade homeschoolers an affordable opportunity to take Algebra 9 and/or Biology 9 classes at Chesterton for those who wish to begin an Advanced Math and/or Science track for high school in 2017-2018.  Students will come in for the chosen courses each day and join our 9th graders in Algebra and/or Biology.

Please note that while these courses meet NYS requirements, they are NOT Common Core or Regents standardized courses.

Algebra 9 Syllabus

Students will study linear relationships, solving equations and inequalities, radicals, exponential relationships, quadratics, proportions, and right angle trigonometry, among other topics.  Students will be taught and encouraged to investigate, reason, argue, justify, prove, and apply the concepts covered.

Biology 9 Syllabus

Students explore fundamental principles of modern biology, including a close look at the scientific method, progressing then to biochemistry, cells, genetics, evolution, ecology, and the structure and function of DNA.  The animal kingdom will then be introduced, progressing on to complex invertebrates, then on to chordates and subphylum vertebrata.  The course ends with a close look at human anatomy and physiology.

Tuition & Fees

  • Algebra 9 Only: $600 (text included)
  • Biology 9 Only: $600 plus $75 Lab Fee (text included)
  • Algebra 9 and Biology 9: $1,075 (texts included)

**School uniforms must be worn while attending Chesterton classes.  Uniforms may be purchased new directly from Land's End or used from students (limited availability).  More information will be provided upon acceptance into the program.

Payment Plan Options & Available Discounts

Payment Plan

  • Algebra 9: First 2 installments: $250; 3rd and final installment: $100
  • Biology 9: First 2 installments: $250; 3rd and final installment: $100; plus $75 lab fee
  • Algebra 9 and Biology 9: First 2 installments: $350; 3rd and final installment: $300; plus $75 lab fee

Available Discounts

For one-time cash or check payments, tuition is reduced as follows:

  • Algebra 9: $580 (text included)
  • Biology 9: $580 plus $75 Lab Fee (text included)
  • Algebra 9 and Biology 9: $1,045 (texts included)


Important Dates

  • July 15: Registration/Application is Due
  • August 2 and August 9: Placement Tests (All homeschoolers must take placement test to be accepted into Algebra and Biology classes.)
  • Week of August 15th: Acceptance Letters will be sent
  • August 30: Initial payment due
  • October 1: Second payment due
  • December 1: Third and final payment due

Please Note

Transportation is the responsibility of the student/parent.  Class times will be finalized in August, and classes will occur back to back so students will not have to wait between classes should they wish to participate in both Algebra and Biology classes.  Students accepted into the program will be invited to a Meet and Greet at the end of August (Date TBD) to get to know the teachers and find out where the classes are held.

Placement Test Registration Form