Students Recognized at End of the Year Awards Ceremony

Chesterton Academy of Buffalo held its very first end of the year Awards Ceremony on the final day of the 2017-2018 school year. Awards were given to students who exhibited specific virtues, and instructors in several subjects gave awards to students who excelled in a particular area of study.  The faculty and staff of Chesterton Academy of Buffalo are proud to announce this year's award winners.

Virtue Awards

All students grades 9-11 were eligible.  These awards were given to students who exemplified the virtues listed.

Comitas - Friendliness

Awarded to: John Paul Brewster (Freshman)

Graviata - Responsibility

Awarded to: Elizabeth Gracon (sophomore); Summer Derwald (freshman)

Hilaritas - Cheerfulness

Awarded to: Anna Gracon (Freshman)

Pietas - Devotion   

Awarded to: Thomas Hahn (Junior)

Genus - Kind

Awarded to: Therese Hahn (Sophomore)

Laboriosi - Hard-working

Awarded to: David Duncan (Freshman)

Subject-specific Awards 

These awards were created and given by our faculty members to students who excelled in the areas identified.

Art I, II, and III Awards | Instructor: Ms. Reese

The Reluctant Artist Award

Description: This award is given to two students who demonstrated exceptional creativity and skills in the fine arts, despite their denial of being any good at art.

Awarded to: Ryan Palmer and Pierce Boyack

"I'm so glad I was forced to take art." - Ryan Palmer

Biology Awards | Instructor: Mr. Sugg

Holding True to Defending the Faith in Biology

Awarded to: Elizabeth Gracon

Performance and Enthusiasm in Biology

Awarded to: Jack Weil, Summer Derwald

Debate and Current Events Awards | Instructor: Mrs. Borowczyk

Excellence in Critical Thinking

Description: This student frequently contributes to class discussion by asking probing, thought-provoking questions that challenge others in a timely and respectful manner.

Awarded to: Lauren Good

Excellence in Persuasive Oration

Description: This student often takes fervent, principled stands in class discussions and in formal debates that evoke further inquiry and elicit impassioned responses from fellow students.

Awarded to: John Courtney

Excellence in Persuasive Writing

Description: This student excels in the use of the written word to both persuade and inform.

Awarded to: Ashley Stablewski

The Cicero Leadership Award

Description: This student embodies the spirit of Cicero, the famed Roman orator, writer, and statesmen, by debating persuasively yet exhibiting tact and respect for his or her opponents, writing to effectively persuade, and exhibiting leadership qualities in group projects and through personal initiative.

Awarded to: Cecilia Bowen

Forensics Awards | Instructor: Mr. Sugg

Holding True to Defending the Faith in Forensics

Awarded to: Anna Grande

Enthusiasm and Performance in Forensics

Awarded to: Elena Hager, Ann Steinhauser

Geometry Awards | Instructor: Mrs. Hahn

Highest Average  

Awarded to: Alyssa Merkel

Second Highest Average

Awarded to: Reagan Merkel

Most Improved at Mental Math (Most Improved at ditching the calculator)

Awarded to: James Weil

History 9, 10, and 11 Awards | Instructor: Ms. Grande

Student Who is Most Passionate about History

Awarded to: Ryan Palmer

Literature 10 Awards | Instructor: Mrs. Hoff

Legendary Literature 10 Scholars

Description: This award is given to the student(s) who demonstrates keen insight into the literature studied; has a profound grasp on the material; encourages enriching conversations; looks beyond the text; makes astute connections between the literature and the Catholic faith.

Awarded to: Elizabeth Gracon and Annie Bowen

Literature 11 Awards | Instructor: Ms. Daigler

Excellence in Writing

 Description: This award is given to the student who consistently produces excellent writing.

 Awarded to: Gianna Boyack

Music and Drama Awards | Instructor: Mrs. Vinti

Award for "Busting out of your Shell to Try New Things"

Awarded to: Pierce Boyack, Adèle Brewster

Precalculus and Precalculus Honors | Instructor: Mrs. Hahn

Highest Average - Precalculus Honors

Awarded to: Ryan Palmer

Highest Average - Precalculus 

Awarded to: Mary Tremblay

Second Highest Average - Precalculus

Awarded to: Danielle Updike

Greatest Overall Effort for the entire year - Precalculus

Awarded to: Ann Steinhauser

Theology 10,11, and 12 Awards | Instructor: Ms. Daigler

Persistent Pursuit of Truth - Theology 10 and 11

Description:  This award is given to the student who is always asking excellent questions and is not satisfied until an adequate answer is reached.

Awarded to: Olivia Uhrich (10), Ryan Palmer (11)

Excellence in Memorizing Scripture - Theology 12

Description:  This award is given to the student who perfectly memorized the most amount of Scripture verses. 

Awarded to: Holly Boyack

Most Improved - Theology 12

Description: These students worked hard to bring grade up in the 2nd Semester.

Awarded to: Ann Steinhauser, Tim Keenan