Chesterton Charter Club

The Chesterton Academy of Buffalo Charter Club has been established to support the school’s mission and to propagate the faith through their association with Chesterton Academy of Buffalo for the purpose of creating the next generation of joyful leaders and saints.

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  Thank you to our  2021 – 2022 Sponsors  

“Whatever lies within our power to do, also lies within our power not to do.”

Mike McKeating & Diane McKee

Margaret & James Serafin

QMC Technologies 

Nancy & Paul Dlugosz

The Chesterton Society of Western New York

Paul Friedman

Cornelia Farley & Francis X. Carroll

Kathy & John Wabick

Joanne & Jim Wright

The Uhrich Family

Mary Beth & Michael Cucinotta

John Cucinotta Scholarship Fund

Daniel Hahn

Kristin & Brendan Pratt

Deborah & Nelson Paolini

Jerry Lester

Paul Haller

Fr. James Ciupek

Deacon Thomas & Catherine Friedman

Donna Updike

Timothy Greenan

Robert Gacek

Nicole & Michael Wright

Lisa & John Jaskolka

Laura & Michael Over

David Anderson

Theresa & Paul Updike

Lauri & Michael Hahn

Thank you to all of our Charter Club members!