1. How can students be expected to perform on standardized tests?

    • Common Core will NOT be implemented at Chesterton Academy of Buffalo, nor will students be taking Regents Exams (which are only familiar to colleges in New York State).

    • Chesterton Academy‘s curriculum, including four years of philosophy and two to three years of Latin, will teach students how to think and should give students an advantage on standardized tests taken outside of school.

    • As we are a young school, we do not currently have a wide sample of testing results for the SAT and ACT. Chesterton Academy in Minneapolis students, who are using the same basic framework of curriculum, have done extremely well on standardized tests including the SAT and ACT. Their students have been accepted into a wide range of colleges and universities, including University of Minnesota (College of Liberal Arts and Carlson School); Hillsdale College; North Dakota State University; University of South Dakota; University of Nebraska; Ave Maria University; Christendom College; St. Thomas University; Thomas Aquinas College; University of Dallas; Benedictine College; University of Mary; Franciscan University of Steubenville.

    • If you have any questions, please contact Headmaster Lauri Hahn at lhahn@buffalochestertonacademy.org.

  2. What extracurricular activities are offered at Chesterton Academy?

    • Sports: We have offered Girls Volleyball, Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball, Boys Flag Football, Co-Ed Cross Country, and Co-Ed Soccer.

    • Clubs: We have offered Pro-Life Club, ACTS (Christian Service), Bulletin Board Club, Book Club, Risk Club, Cinema Club, and Yearbook Club.

    • Clubs are student- and parent-driven. If a student would like to begin a club that they do not see currently being offered, we would be happy to hear their proposal!

    • One of the biggest reasons we are able to offer tuition at such affordable rates comparable to other private schools in the area is that we do not fund interscholastic sports with student tuition. However, students, parents, and volunteers are more than welcome to start a club sport for camaraderie and fun or offer some alternate way of joining sports.

  3. How will my student get to Chesterton?

    • Students who live within 15 miles of Chesterton Academy will receive bus transportation through their school district. Busing applications from individual districts must be completed and mailed in by April 1st for the following school year in order to be approved for transportation by the individual school districts.

    • Students who live outside of this radius must provide their own transportation. Our students' families utilize both private carriers and carpooling. We can put you in touch with a parent in your locale to learn more.

    • Students who live outside of the 15 mile radius, but live in a school district that is already transporting a student to Chesterton are also eligible to receive busing from their school district.

  4. What is the tuition at Chesterton?

    The 2019-20 tuition is $6,925 per student with a generous multi-child discount.  Tuition assistance is available based on need.  

  5. How are grades communicated to parents?

    We utilize Jupiter Ed as a grading and communication tool between faculty, administration and parents.  To learn more about how this daily updated tool works, click below.