The Apostles of Common Sense

The Apostles of Common Sense is a student run pro-life group that strives to increase the awareness of God's gift of life from conception to natural death. The students attend monthly meetings to discuss and educate themselves on pro-life issues and participate in activities that promote the respect for life such as:  

  • The Life Chain on Niagara Falls Boulevard
  • 40 Days for Life - peaceful, prayerful vigil outside an abortion facility
  • Wendy's Restaurant - Promote Adoption Awareness
  • Annual March for Life in Washington D.C. 

Risk Club


Risk Club at Chesterton is led by Mr. Suchyna weekly, after school.  Over the course of the school year students learn and play various versions of the game, design their own game and host a tournament.


Jesus came to serve, not to be served.  Chesterton students know how blessed they are, and the proof of knowing you are blessed is giving back.  Through various service projects throughout the year our students serve those in need by volunteering through Feed My Starving Children, St. Luke's Mission of Mercy, St. Gianna Molla House and others.  They also learn how to serve right at "home" here at Chesterton.  At the end of the school day, when they could be chatting with friends or getting a head start on homework, our students are cleaning their school.  This act of service also gives them pride of ownership in Chesterton and helps them to better understand the work that goes on behind the scenes to give them their educational opportunity.  

Bulletin Board Club

Our students' artistic creativity doesn't just come out in Art Class.  A walk through our halls visually shows just what Chesterton students think of their curriculum and their faith.  Bulletin Board Club strives to give an outlet to that creativity while beautifying the halls of Chesterton and highlighting different facets of the Catholic Faith and Chesterton Life.