Why Philosophy?

Why is philosophy so important to the students at Chesterton Academy of Buffalo? This video, produced and created by 10th grade Chesterton students, explains why the study of philosophy is essential.

Supporting Chesterton Academy of Buffalo

Our high school was founded in 2014 with 25 students. Each year, we have steadily increased our student body and we are a part of a growing network of Chesterton schools around the country. We believe that our classical curriculum provides students with the tools they need to begin to engage the world intelligently, and to know how to discern right from wrong - in order to be happy in this world and the next. We have been blessed these past few years. Now we need your blessings to continue to open doors for our students and to help them discern God's call in their lives.

Chesterton Academy - A Culture of Life

Learn about the philosophy behind Chesterton Academy of Buffalo by watching this video from our sister school in Minnesota.