Mrs. Lauri Hahn

Headmaster | Pre-Calculus

Mrs. Barbara Courtney

Admissions & Advancement

Miss Mary Kleinsmith

Administrative Assistant


Miss Holly Boyack


Dr. Justyna Braun, PhD

Philosophy 9-11 | Literature 12

Mrs. Mary Beth Cucinotta


Miss Mary Gojevic

Latin 9, 10 & 11

Mr. Dennis Grady

Theology | Literature 10 | Debate

Miss Veronica Grande

History 9-12 | Health

Sr. Lindsay Joan Martin

Physical Education | Campus Minister

Mrs. Kimberly Merkel

Algebra 1 & 2 | Trigonometry and Physics

Leah Moran


Mr. Terry Stanton

Literature 9 & 11 | Government & Economics

Mrs. Patricia Vinti

Music 9-12

Miss Tracy Snyder

Drama 10-12

Mr. Michael Zachowicz


Board of Trustees

Chairman: Michael Hahn

Vice Chairman: Theresa Updike

Treasurer: Andrew Bowen

Secretary: Paul Friedman

Parent Members

Dr. Paul and Mrs. Theresa Updike

Mr. Chris and Mrs. Lenore Uhrich

Mr. Jason and Mrs. Rebecca Kruszka

Mr. Michael and Mrs. Lauri Hahn