Mrs. Lauri Hahn

Headmaster | Pre-Calculus

Mrs. Barbara Courtney

Admissions & Advancement

Miss Mary Kleinsmith

Administrative Assistant


Miss Holly Boyack


Dr. Justyna Braun, PhD

Philosophy 9-11 | Literature 12

Mrs. Mary Beth Cucinotta


Miss Mary Gojevic

Latin 9, 10 & 11

Mr. Dennis Grady

Theology | Literature 10 | Debate

Miss Veronica Grande

History 9-12 | Health

Sr. Lindsay Joan Martin

Physical Education | Campus Minister

Mrs. Kimberly Merkel

Algebra 1 & 2 | Trigonometry and Physics

Leah Moran


Mr. Terry Stanton

Literature 9 & 11 | Government & Economics

Mrs. Patricia Vinti

Music 9-12

Miss Tracy Snyder

Drama 10-12

Mr. Michael Zachowicz


Board of Trustees

Chairman: John Hogg

Vice Chairman: Deacon Michael McKeating 

Treasurer: Doug Sosnowski

Secretary: Paul Friedman

Andrew Bowen

Suzanne Lazzara

James Wright

Parent Members

Dr. Paul and Mrs. Theresa Updike

Mr. Chris and Mrs. Lenore Uhrich

Mr. Jason and Mrs. Rebecca Kruszka

Mr. Michael and Mrs. Lauri Hahn